IrishDoodle Litter

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We have Irish doodle Puppies coming soon. Please apply HERE.

Below are pictures of the pups being held by our daughter, Kate.


Below is a previous litter of Irishdoodle pups that were all spoken for right away and went to WONDERFUL forever homes.


Pictures of a past litter of Irishdoodle Puppies. 




ALEX (spoken for)

Alex is a sweetheart. Like the other boys, he's a bit larger than the girls in the litter. He loves to cuddle and is one of the first to know when it's nap time.

Alex's adoption fee: $1600 (red) - $300 deposit = $1300 due at pickup

BUDDY (spoken for)

Buddy is a beautiful pup, who's on the smaller side for the boys. He's definitely a favorite of the kids and loves to cuddle. These pups' coats continue to get thicker and wavier by the day. 

Buddy's adoption fee: $1400 (apricot) - $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup

MOLLY (spoken for)

Molly is gorgeous--and so sweet tempered. She has a bit of a mischievous side, so don't let her perfect demeanor fool you. 

Molly's adoption fee: $1600 (red) - $300 deposit = $1300 due at pickup

LILY (spoken for)

Lily is a show-stopper. Her personality matches her good looks. The white on her muzzle and touch on her chest contrast with her dark red coloring and thick coat.

Lily's adoption fee: $1600 (red)  + $200 white markings = $1,800 - $300 deposit = $1500 due at pickup

COOPER (spoken for)

Cooper has a gentle giant personality. He's one of the biggest pups in the litter and is so, so sweet. Obviously a pup's personality can change as they get older, but Cooper seems like a gentle soul.

Cooper's adoption fee: $1400 (apricot) - $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup

CALLIE (spoken for)

Callie was the clown of the litter. The kids love her because she's always up to something funny. She has a touch of white on her muzzle, forehead, back paws, and a small patch on her chest.

Molly's adoption fee: $1400 (apricot) + $200 white markings = $1600 - $300 deposit = $1300 due at pickup

ROVER (spoken for)

Rover is another good sized boy (as big as Cooper). He's one of the silent protectors of the litter. Rover is always keenly aware of what's going on and good at exploring new things.

Rover's adoption fee: $1400 (apricot) - $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup

GEORGE (spoken for)


George is somewhere between a light red and dark apricot. It's always hard to know with these pups if they will get darker or lighter with time. George has a great personality and a very nice coat. Christian (Nathan's 3 year old son was sad during part of the photo shoot as he realized we were taking the pictures for families to adopt the pups). The kids LOVE these puppies.

George's adoption fee: $1400 (apricot) - $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup