Irish Doodles

Why Irish Doodles?


Irish Setters are such wonderful dogs; why would you mess with a great thing?


Some people ask why we would intentionally change a dog as wonderful as an Irish Setter (and they're definitely great dogs) by crossing it with a Poodle.

Here's Why:


  1. Irish Doodles are hypoallergenic. Although no dog can be guaranteed to not cause allergies, "hypoallergenic" means that a dog is much less likely to cause allergies. Poodles have a non-shedding coat, that is passed on to many of the Irish Doodle puppies. A low-shedding or non-shedding dog is much less likely to cause allergies than a shedding dog (like a purebred Irish Setter).
  2. Irish Doodles are usually healthier. Thanks to hybrid vigor, the crossing of gene pools usually results in a healthier dog. There's a reason that humans don't marry their brothers and sisters.
  3. Irish Doodles come in more color variety.
  4. Irish Doodles are typically smarter than a purebred Irish Setter. Poodles are some of the geniuses of the dog world, so typically Irish Doodles are smart and easy to train.
  5. Like Irish Setters and Poodles, Irish Doodles are usually outstanding with children.
  6. Irish Doodles usually enjoy the water, since Poodles were originally water retrievers.
  7. Irish Doodles usually travel better than a purebred Irish Setter. Their eagerness to please and typical lack of shedding are huge pluses for a travel companion.
  8. Irish Doodles are available in a miniature size.