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Please submit the application below if interested in an Irish Doodle. Crockett Doodles assists us in choosing the best applications. We use a thorough application process in an effort to find the very best forever families.


Please do not place a PayPal deposit unless your Irish Doodle application is accepted. We attempt  be fair and thorough in our evaluation of your Irishdoodle application. Our goal is to let each family know the status of their application in 3-4 business days.

Please be patient as we sometimes get a dozen or more applications per day. Because we have so few litters per year; there is WAY more demand for puppies than available supply. When we respond to your application we  will give a  detailed answer that will boil down to "yes," "no," or "wait." We're able to accept deposits from around 1/5 of current applicants. Each year we have increased demand and therefore fewer "yes" answers. 

This IrishDoodle application in NO WAY obligates you to place a deposit or to get an IrishDoodle puppy from us, it is merely a first step showing your interest. If we do respond to your application with a "yes," you would have the option of placing a fully refundable $300 deposit, which would of course apply to the price of your future puppy.


After placing a deposit, you would receive Irish Doodle  litter announcements (when pups were available) to choose which Irishdoodle pup you want from a particular litter. Because we have a flexible deposit system, you're never locked in. You can pass on as many Irishdoodle litters as you want, or you can transfer your deposit to any of the doodle breeds within the Crockett Doodles network.

You can have your Irish Doodle deposit refunded at any time for any reason. We don't understand why virtually every other dog breeder requires non-refundable deposits. From our standpoint, the application simply allow us to evaluate if you would be an ideal forever home for an IrishDoodle puppy. If so, the deposit shows us that you're serious. We certainly have no desire to take a family's deposit if they found a dog elsewhere or choose not to get an Irish Doodle.

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In general, Irish Setters tend to have a good amount of energy. We look for more calm Irish Setters, but if you're looking for a complete lap dog, you may want to consider a breed other than an Irish Doodle
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